Bogong Centre for Sound Culture Sound Art Residency Grant

Sound Art Residency Grant

In partnership with the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture, Naturestrip, an Australian based sound art supporter, is offering an opportunity for an Australian sound artist to undertake a two-week artist residency in the Victorian Alps. The Sound Art Residency Grant allows the successful sound artist time and space to explore, develop, or realise a sound art project. This is a unique opportunity in a unique environment.
The Sound Art Residency Grant is open to any Australian artist working in the field of sound.
Whilst there are no specific outcomes, the aims of the residency should be aligned with the aspirations of the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture and its focus on art and the environment. We encourage proposals, which consider specific or combined elements of community engagement, performance, exhibition and publication.
The Sound Art Residency Grant has a total value of $2000, which includes accommodation cost of $600. The artist may use the remaining funds of $1400 to supplement costs associated with the residency.
The Sound Art Residency is specific to one of the following dates
  • Monday, April 6 to Sunday, April 19, 2015
  • Monday, May 18th to Sunday, May 31, 2015
Having understood more about the location and the intent of the initiative, you apply for the residency by accessing the guidelines and application form on this page.
The deadline for applications is Friday, February 20, 2015 at 5pm AEST and the grant will be announced by Friday, March 6, 2015.
Naturestrip is an independent Australian sound and art supporter that has evolved to fund and assist Australian artists to realise their projects.
Naturestrip supports individual and collective visions that focuses on sound to establish dialogue and works that may not seem commercially viable or contextually marketable. Thus providing a platform for artists to present ideas, provoke thought and discussion in any medium.
Naturestrip was formed in 2003 and released seven albums over the proceeding years. It created quite a following in the world of experimental sound. The label concentrated on working with artists who created compositions using field recordings as a core aspect of their art making.

(forwarded from Philip Samartzis)