"Versus//Duets" @ MUSIKUNST - - - 2:30 to 5:30 pm Saturday 27th Dec

Occult practices, Improvisation and interpretation are at play At 2:30 pm on Dec 27th with the Musikunst presentation of "Versus//Duets"

Inspired by the occult art of magical seals, composer Jekks has written 10 new musical works that utilise abstract symbolic notation for each piece, each taking the form of a magical sigil which is then interpreted by the performers who will not have seen or rehearsed the piece prior to the performance.

9 duets between instruments such as drums, trumpet, guitar, saxophone, flute, voice and springboard, will culminate in an ensemble peice by all the performers

A program containing the sigil for each piece will be available at the door. 

Entry by donation.
Edinburgh Castle Hotel
681 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, Victoria 3056