Good Improv/Bad Improv returns to Musikunst - Edinburgh Castle - 29 Nov 2014

"Good Improv/Bad Improv" explores both negative and positive behaviours in group improvisation. Performers are arranged into trios, then each musician draws an instruction from a hat, which they then follow in the subsequent improvisation, without revealing the instruction to their fellow performers or audience until afterwards. Instructions include:

- Play softer than everyone else
- Completely disregard what the others play
- Be the star of the trio

Can you pick which are the good or bad behaviours?

"Good Improv/Bad Improv" premiered at MUSIKUNST earlier in 2014, and returns for an encore performance with a new half dozen of skilled, brave (and slightly nervous) improvisers:

Jim Denley
Jenny Barnes
Mat Blackwell
Llara Goodall
Carmen Gar Man Chan
David Prescott-Stead

Performers will mix-and-match into 4 different trios throughout the afternoon, with multiple 'rounds' of the game.
Good Improv/Bad Improv @ Musikunst
Saturday, 29 November 2014 - 2:30pm
Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 681 Sydney Road, Brunswick 3056