Invitation for Bell Ringers



15 locations/15 minutes/15 days

Geoff Robinson

10-24 November 2014 Federation Square


15 locations/15 minutes/15 days is an event based project by artist Geoff Robinson for the Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture. The project will chart the duration of the exhibition through sound and sculpture. 15 coloured posts will be situated in different locations in Federation Square and once a day on the hour 15 participants will strike a hand bell at a post for 15minutes. Each day the posts are reconfigured and the hand bells are performed one hour later.


Participating in the project would involve arriving 10 minutes before the performance, collecting a hand bell and ringing the bell for 15 minutes.  If you are interested and available any of the  dates and times below please contact me at and I will book you in. You are welcome to participate as many days as you like (many participants are doing 3-5days) and families and friends can also be involved.


Performance dates and times: Monday 10 November 6am, Tuesday 11 November 7am (& 4pm preview event), Wednesday 12 November 8am, Thursday 13 November 9am, Friday 14 November 10am, Saturday 15 November 11am, Sunday 16 November 12noon, Monday 17 November 1pm, Tuesday 18 November 2pm, Wednesday 19 November 3pm, Thursday 20 November 4pm, Friday 21 November 5pm, Saturday 22 November 6pm, Sunday 23 November 7pm and Monday 24 November 8pm.

(forwarded from Geoff Robinson)