Gary Butler gigs - Oct 2014

I've got 3 gigs coming up, and now I need an audience. I'd also really appreciate it if you could forward this information to as many people as possible, because I haven't been in Melbourne long enough to build a proper mailing list and I don't do that new-fangled Facebook/Twitter stuff (I wasn't born to follow, I refuse to ask people to “like me”, and I got bored with people posting pictures of cats and invitations to play online games). So  if you help me get the word out, that would be super.
Tue 7 October (Doors at 8:3 0 pm for a 9:00 pm start) $5/$10
Make It Up Club. I'm collaborating with “Sex On Toast Big Band”. -
Angus Leslie (Conductor), Gary Butler (Guitar, Objects), Ben Harrison (Trumpet, Voice), Cosima Jaala (Voice), Zak Pidd (Voice) Stephen Brooks (Voice), Louis King (Guitar), James Bowers (Keys), Lewis Moody (Keys), Marty Holoubek (Bass), Scott McConnachie (Sax), James Macaulay (Trombone), Gareth Thomson (Drums) & Hudson Whitlock (Drums)
I've bought additional “objects” from the Footscray sex shop specially for this gig, and I've been experimenting with amplifying slices of toast. But wait, there's more. You also get - 
Empat Lima & Habits feat. Steph Brett (Guitar, Voice), Rachel Kim (Bass, Voice), Carla Ori (Drums, Voice), Mohini Hillyer & Matt Connoly (Sampler, Keys, Voice, Electronics)
  • Lagerphones feat. Nat Grant (Percussion), James Macaulay (Trombone),Scott McConnachie (Sax), Ben Harrison (Trumpet), Louis King (Guitar) &Marty Holoubek (Bass)

See The Make It Up Club site for more info:

Sun 12 October 12 am. – 8 pm
A General Assembly of Interested Parties , Testing Grounds, 1 – 23 City Rd. Southbank, just behind the Arts Centre. 
free entry
Ren Walters organises this one, so check his website:

“GAIP is an evolving conversation between artists and the world. On Sunday, October 12th 2014, GAIP will again converse with Testing Grounds, generously providing the perfect place and context for the interaction to continue. A creative, chaotic crowd of artists and interested parties will be co-performing or will just be present together listening, observing.”

Thu 30 October (NOT Wednesday, which is what I stupidly wrote on some of the flyers). 8:00. 

Footscray Unaustralian Composers Kollective @ Conduit Art Gallery. (83 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy).


I'm excited about the lineup. The names speak for themselves -

Ernie Althoff, Dave Brown, Gary Butler, Houston Dunleavy, Tom Fryer, Dale Gorfinkel, Lloyd Honeybrook, Paul Kidney, Helena Loziuk, Erick Mitsak, Steve Richards and Jan Bas Bollen.

I'm really hoping that the audience outnumbers the performers, though it is a small venue so it will probably be a somewhat “intimate” show. This is the first Melbourne gig I've organised since moving here, so I hope to make it even crazier than usual. Cat Hope said this about an earlier project: “. . .for all-out crazy chaos, nothing quite beats the free-spirited approach of the Wollongong Anarchist Noisemakers Kollective (WANK).”.Now that WANK has left the gong, I anticipate taking things to the next level with the even freer-spirited Footscray Unaustralian Composers Kollective.

(forwarded from Gary Butler)