More Talk Less Action #1: Composition Is Dead - West Space - 7 Aug 2014

After a successful 2013 series, More Talk, Less Action returns in 2014 to explore the issues and taboos relevant to experimental and cutting edge music. Each event features a panel discussion with audience participation along with performances relevant to the discussion topic. 

Thursday 7 August 2014 (7:30pm) – $10 entry
 Composition is Dead: writing music in the 21st century
 Cat Hope, Ross Bencina, Warren Burt (with Callum G’Froerer and Cathexis performing works by Hope)
 West Space, Level 1, 225 Bourke street, Melbourne.
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The twentieth century saw a series of musical upheavals, from modernism and atonality to chance composition, electronic music and rock’n'roll. The status of ‘composer’ has been continuously challenged, discarded and re-imagined. Our panelists work has addressed the ‘composer problem’ in the 21st Century, employing strategies as varied as graphic/generative scores, the revolutionary Audio Mulch software, and the use of pre-existing formats (such as DNA mapping) as compositional material. Callum G’Froerer and Cathexis will perform scores composed by Cat Hope.