Composing in the Moment @ MUSIKUNST --- Saturday 2:30–5:30 pm 30th August 2014

This month at MUSIKUNST we will be stretching the boundaries of musical interpretation with two performances back to back that defy the participants understanding, players & audience alike, of ‘composition’.

First up, Ian Parsons presents eight musicians performing eight of the best pages from Cornelius Cardew's massive 'Treatise' (1964-68) - the biggest and most challenging graphic score ever written! Art, logic and indeterminacy collide in this rarely performed work, live at Musikunst

Next up will be a musical treatment of sound inspired by the blending of classical minimalism and drone. With 11 performers using multiple electric guitars in combination with classical stringed instruments (plus a few surprises). The compositional tool employed here will be simply the tuning alone.


Myfanwy Alderson - viola
Gearóid Brinn - electric/fretless guitar & bass
Biddy Connor - viola, musical saw
Julian Day - keyboard
Ciaran Geoghegan - electric guitar & bass
Clinton Green - turntables / objects
Piers Morgan - electric guitar & bass
Barnaby Oliver - Zither / violin
Ian Parsons - cello
Gelareh Pour - voice
David Prescott-Steed - violin / guitar
Gareth Skinner - cello
Daniel Tucceri - keyboard / guitar
Mark Viggiani - guitar
Ian Wadley - guitar
Andrew Watson - violin

The Edinburgh Castle Hotel
681 Sydney Rd Brunswick
(cnr. Albion St)

2:30 – 5:30 pm Saturday 30th August 2014
door: $10 / $5 conc.