Transmitting at the Watertable - Conduit - 24 Jul 2014


"Transmitting at the Watertable”

Curated by candlesnuffer
@ Conduit Art Space

83 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

8:30 PM Thursday 24th July

Robbie Aveniam

will test drive his all new SARPS 2.0 robotic percussion system. An

experiment with the system, live, in an effort to better understand its potential.

Philip Samartzis.

Submerged waterways audibly ooze through concrete and tiny electrical

crackles dance and dart through porous glass vessels.

Wireless Ear

(David Brown & Garry Mansfield, open-tuned acoustic guitars).

When the blood-nut sings and sways then the Darling, grass parrots chatter like only siblings can.

They intone allegorical tales that crisscross like open-channel waterways, warbling airy tales of

possession and progression, where gum nuts and kangaroo-tendon strings coalesce with the

twang of unknown destinations.

(forwarded from Dave Brown)