Barrett/Brown/Zarić - Monkey - 20 Jul 2014

Richard Barrett
David Brown
Milana Zarić

Trio performance@ Monkey 181 St George’s Road

Sunday 20th July 2014, 8:30 PM

Richard Barrett:


internationally active as both composer and improvising performer, while developing works and

ideas which increasingly leave behind the distinctions between them.

David Brown:

Prepared guitar

making tiny sounds larger with guitar & everyday objects.

Milana Zarić:


aiming to create bridges and challenge the boundaries between traditional roles of composer,

performer and improviser.

You can also catch Richard and Milana in duo at the MIUC next Tues 22nd July: 

while Richards' collaboration with Speak Percussion will come to fruition at SIAL Sound Studios (RMIT) at 7PM on Sat 26th July:

(forwarded from Dave Brown)