OpenLAB this Sunday 8th June!


2pm Sunday the 8th of JUNE. This month at the Media Lab Melbourne space we have a great pair of guests!!! Open LABs is here to share and explore the wonderful world of creative makers. Each talk allows artists, musicians, engineers, performers, and designers to come together and share their work and creative passions with the public and other creatives.

This month >>>

Alistair Riddell
From a background in music composition, Alistair’s digital creative practice has evolved in many directions over the past 30 years. To name some of these directions (instrument building, composition, software development, hardware development, performance, collaboration, installation, writing and education) is to consider the potential technology exerts in the creative domain today. Yet a personal thread running through these activities has been the search for and involvement in innovative uses of technology to achieve unique creative outcomes. In recent years this has resulted in more collaborative work and a fascination with interpreting other artists’ ideas through experimentation with a range of new and old technologies. To put all of this in perspective, it is simply the reality of the life for an artist in the 21st century.
Alistair holds a PhD in composition from Princeton University and lectured in Sound Art and Physical Computing at the Australian National University for 12 years.

Some past works:
Computer Controlled Pianos. 1985.
Restless Habitat II June, 2009.

These projects are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to Alistairs work, his knowledge of computer music, interactive systems for composition and artistic installations are extensive! Not to be missed!

Tara Cook
Tara Cook is obsessed with the digital age. Her photographic, moving and interactive media artworks reflect on the self and the work of art in the digital age. Often saturated and abstract, Tara reveals the form of digital media, making visibly present its qualities and imperfections. Tara's presentations on revelations regarding Glitch in both social, digital and academic terms are riveting and deeply engaging. Tara is currently based in melbourne and is a contemporary media artist, PhD candidate and Gallery Director at New Low.

Tara has shown nationally in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth as well as internationally in China, Japan, Greece and Bulgaria. She has exhibited at such places as The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Sydney Opera House, The Arts Centre, Carriageworks, Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Blindside, Screen Space and Bus Projects.

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