New Complexity launches the Harmonic Master

New Complexity: the Harmonic Master

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A great many of us love to get hold of a guitar and start hacking it, changing its functionality to suit our own needs, sticking things over, under and between the strings to see what we can achieve.  But what happens when someone attempts to take these re-imagined guitars and make them into products that you can buy! 
In the bowels of a warehouse in Northcote, a new micro-business called New Complexity is doing just that.  N.C. has made an official debut with a guitar called the Harmonic Master.  It's a 3rd bridge instrument that allows the user to exercise control over the resonance occurring behind the bridge by tuning the notes with a custom made "super bridge".  The results can be harmonically jarring and complex, or pleasing and subtle, depending on what you do with it. 

Demo Video

According to N.C. creator Lewis Waters, there is much much more on the horizon.  Updates about prototype development can be viewed on the website, or on the Facebook page.  Lewis also welcomes commissions for experimental instruments that one might like to see realised.