We Are Denizens of Pluto - City Library - 29 May 2014

You don’t step into the Underworld, the Underworld steps into you
Conflicting emotions are given away
What does a public know about private suffering?
When pain is proffered by greater bodies it’s collectively felt as bad will
Open interview/invisible jukebox for The Wire magazine
Talking with myself, cutting out the middleman, reflecting without audience nor amateur critic
Who’s influenced who, who’s dreaming who, who breathes life into your dull decay?
Hash brown crackle, KTL drones, lemon molecules tease my senses
Will you never know me, like I know myself?
Are you honestly going to order this displacement?
You’re no-one ‘til nobody never knows you
You’re nobody unless somebody No’s you


Ashley J Higgs
Richard Stringer
Nat Grant
Abraham Dunovits
Forbes Hawkins

Transforming Higgs’s latest poetry into improvised songcycles
Proudly supporting the 10th Birthday Celebrations of Melbourne Library Service’s busiest public library City Library in the Sounds Poetica series
253 Flinders Lane, Gallery Space, 1st floor
MAY 29 Thursday 6pm – 7.30pm
No Door Charge

(forwarded from Ashley Higgs)