Tuesday May 20th @ the Make It Up Club

This edition of MIUC propounds three first-time frequential factions, with eleven devotees of the deafening drilling into dense dominions of sonoversal darkness to wield heavy textures for heavy listening purposes. After first inciting improvtinnitus at Rocktober last year barbarian noiserock behemoth Cocks Arquette return with neoteric pulse creator Ev Morris, and in true Make It Up spirit will co-summon cataclysms of cacophony with first-time collaborators Marco Fusinato on mangled shreds and Sean Baxter on temporal obliteration. The debut convergence of three divergent dudes, almighty aleatoricist Dave Brown, analog synethicist Mat Watson and punctilious windwielder Ben Harrison, possesses so many audial potentials that to forespeak too much would be fate-tempting folly (and collapse quantum potentials). And yet another premiere pairing of two unacquainted but kindred direcore digital delinquents in Swift Treweeke and Mat Blackwell, both noise/trendy break barbarians and butcherers of breathing tubes, both ready to get brutal. 

Cocks Arquette feat. Simon Karis (Guitar, Electronics), David Karis (Guitar, Electronics), Walter P. Humfray (Guitar), Peter Bramley (Bass), Ev Morris (Drums), Marco Fusinato (Guitar, Electronics) & Sean Baxter (Percussion)
Dave Brown (Guitar), Mat Watson (AKS Synth) & Ben Harrison (Trumpet, Voice)
Swift Treweeke (Electronics) & Mat Blackwell (Electronics)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

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