Musikunst: Good Improv/Bad Improv - Great Britain Hotel - 31 May 2014

Good Improv/Bad Improv - a game piece/structured improvisation challenge by Clinton Green

A selection of Melbourne's most skilled and adventurous improvisors take on the challenge of Clinton Green's game piece/structured improvisation "Good Improv/Bad Improv".

"Good Improv/Bad Improv" explores both negative and positive behaviours in group improvisation. Performers are arranged into trios, then each musician draws an instruction from a hat, which they then follow in the subsequent improvisation, without revealing the instruction to their fellow performers or audience until afterwards. Instructions include:

- Play softer than everyone else
- Completely disregard what the others play
- Be the star of the trio

Can you pick which are the good or bad behaviours?

Read the full score/instructions here.

Putting themselves out there in a very risky musical situation are the following improv social scientists:

Todd Anderson-Kunert
Jenny Barnes
Sean Baxter
Evelyn Morris
Barnaby Oliver
Adam Simmons

All performers will shuffle into different trios throughout the afternoon.

Saturday 31 May, 4-7pm
Great Britain Hotel - basement
447 Church street, Richmond


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