Live Soundtracks - Longplay - 22 May 2014

Live Soundtracks: The Film works of Dirk de Bruyn

Thursday 22nd May at Longplay

Six musicians improvising live soundtracks to the films of Melbourne experimental guru Dirk de Bruyn.

8pm-11pm at Longplay bar and cinema, 318 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy (the cinema is through the bar, out the back). $10/5.

Mark Pedersen and Brigid Burke
Bb/Bass Clarinet and electronics

Nat Grant and David Kimball
Prepared guitar, prepared saxophone, objects, amplifiers, effects

Todd Anderson-Kunert and Leo Kavanagh
Drums and electronics

"Dirk de Bruyn has been creating film works for over 35 years; mostly in the hand-made, 'direct animation' mode. He also performs live with multiple projections of his films in a highly embodied mode of expanded cinema performance. His work is renowned for its intricate, suggestive layering of sound and image, and use of sumptuous, blooming fields of colour."

(forwarded from Nat Grant)