REFUND CURATES MUSIKUNST - 4pm Sat 26th April 2014

"Great musical performances leave you with a sense that time and space has been ripped out from under you... Sounds pile up against each other and hit you with an emotional force that becomes bigger than the sum of its parts... You see the performer putting everything they have into their brief time with an audience to feed off their energy... For 3 hours in a basement I'm going to make sure that happens" - Refund.

“Musician and filmmaker Vijay Thillaimuthu (aka Xenosine is working right in the analog space of defunct technologies” - Jake Wilson, The Age. Xenosine is an audio-visual artist that creates the perception of a synaesthetic relationship between sound and video in his work. This relationship is exemplified by the fact that what you are seeing and what you are hearing are both created by the same analogue voltage, whether it is being turned into vibrations via a speaker cone or used as a means to accelerate and deflect electrons in a cathode ray tube television or oscilloscope. His method is by modular synthesis combined with signal feedback, fed through springs via transducers, mixed with voltage rendered from video signals and so on, a system that is ever expanding like the behaviour of synaptic networks.

Buried in an era of paradoxical ineptitude & proficiency, Anon Speak have no place. They fall neither in a bracket of accomplishment nor failure; they simply rely on their ability to deconstruct contemporary music, reinterpreting the pieces into loosely cohesive structures. Subjectively categorized under hip-hop, the duo don’t disillusion themselves into thinking otherwise. They have a trajectory that can be defined by you, however where it leads…

Abre Ojos invokes the elements of this world and the next through deep frequencies of sound and light. Brutal meditation to match this brutal world. The gates have fractured and the bounty is yours.

Refund is a modular synthesist, Tracker Veteran, and former lead guitarist of the math metal band dropbunny: Shane Van Dan Akker is a workhorse vocalist and performer, and among one of the most active musician in the melbourne noise scene: Together they will be taking their respective talents to all the extremes that their instruments, speakers, and bodies will allow. Snarls will be juxtaposed against drones, manic laughter offset to electronic counterpoint, and screams fighting against 808 kick drums.

Entry Cost: $5 Concession / $10 Regular
4pm Sat 26th April 2014
GB Hotel BASEMENT 447 Church St Richmond