Coming up at Conduit Arts 7th-31st of May

Coming up in May we have some really exciting gigs happening at Conduit Arts. Some things to keep an eye out for will be.................

A night of duos featuring Dave Brown and Sam McAuliffe and Jon Heilbron and Michaela Davies. Brown and Mcauliffe are regular collaborators whilst Jon Heilbron and Michaela Davies are coming fresh (relatively) from a duo double bass improvised performance as part of the Melbourne Now! exhibition. It should be a great night with two exciting duos. We’ll also be hosting the 3rd installment of Callum G’froerer’s Directly or InDirectly. This will feature an established group in the form of OUTLINE (Ren Walters-guitar, Sam Hall-drums/objects and Jon Heilbron-double bass) as well as a new duo of Callum G’froerer (Trumpet) and James Mclean (Drums) and an exciting performance of solo voice from Jenny Barnes. This is a great new initiative from Callum and shouldn’t be missed.

Further on into the month we’ll have CURRENT. Curated by Ren Walters, CURRENT has been focussed on bringing together electronic and acoustic improvisers to perform as part of new, never before tried trio combinations. This time around Ren will be inviting a dancer to be a part of each trio. The program and concept behind CURRENT is growing  and evolving every time it is held and the prospect of seeing these new groups improvising in the space is very exciting.

Last but certainly not least we have a couple of exciting events rounding out May. Firstly will be Andrea Keebles Ad Hoc music collective presenting “Suite Actuality”. We have been trying to get this happening at Conduit for sometime now and the planets have finally aligned. It’ll be a great piece played by some incredible musicians. There will also be accompanying visuals on the night. Following on from this will be an exciting night featuring a new trio of David Palliser, Ian Wadley and Stevie Richards followed by the amazing Overtone Ensemble.

Lots of exciting stuff on at Conduit this coming May so we hope to see you at an event or two.
For more info and a full program of events see our website or our facebook event

Times and dates of above mentioned gigs are:

Directly or InDirectly #3: Friday May 10th
Mcaullife/Brown and Heilbron/Davies: Wednesday May 14th
CURRENT: Saturday May 17th, 3-11pm
Ad Hoc Music Collective presents “Suite Actuality”: Sunday May 25th

Palliser/Wadley/Richards and the Overtone Ensemble: Friday May 30th