Guest curator: Clinton Green - Conduit Arts - 20 Mar 2014

Guest curator: Clinton Green
Conduit Arts (83 Brunswick St, Fitzroy - )
Thursday 20 March, 8pm
$10 entry

 Adam Simmons & Gelareh Pour
 Hi-God People
 Carolyn Connors
 Dave Brown & Clinton Green

When Conduit Arts asked me to guest curate a night of music, I decided I would be uber-selfish and programme artists that I most wanted to see and hear. These are artists whose music and performances I have enjoyed for many years, or have wanted to see before but missed them. I hope you enjoy them – I certainly will!

Adam Simmons & Gelareh Pour: I’ve seen Adam perform in many guises and ensembles over the years, and he never disappoints with his creativity, originality, and fine musical chops. I have never seen him perform with Gelareh, but I heard a recording of a duo they played together for the Festival of Slow Music and it was one of the most moving pieces of music I’ve heard in a long time.

The Hi-God People: I have put on shows with this theatrical music ensemble several times over the years, and watched their development from improv outfit to human-movement-happening extravaganza with a respectful bow of my head. As with most Hi-God People performances, I have absolutely no idea what they will eventuate, but I guarantee no one will be bored.

Carolyn Connors: Another of my favourite local artists who never disappoints. Vocal powerhouse, improviser extraordinaire, recently returned from touring a show through the US to rave reviews (ahem…PHOTO ON THE BACK OF THE NEW YORK TIMES, PEOPLE!), here’s your first chance in a while to bask in close proximity to a solo acoustic Connors performance.

Dave Brown & Clinton Green: Dave needs little introduction as Australia’s king of prepared guitar, but he attracts perhaps fewer plaudits as one of this town’s most sensitive and subtle improvisers. I saw him play two sets the other week with Tony Buck and Magda Mayas; not only did Dave hold his own with these two international improv heavyweights, he was SUBLIME. Dave and I played in a trio together last year with visiting guitarist, Juan Para, and we both thought there was something there between us worth exploring further and have been looking for an opportunity to play again. This is our first time performing as a duo.