Crushing Thatch - Monkey - 2 Mar 2014

(forwarded from Dave Brown)
Adam Simmons and I are getting close to completing a recording project for our duo titled “Crushing Thatch”. So in order to celebrate the soon to settle relief of completion we’re performing this Sunday evening at Monkey ahead of another show in Ballarat to take place at L’Espresso cafe on the evening of Sunday 30th March.This Sunday we’ll be supported by Brett Evans and David Palliser on saxophones. So it’ll be an intimate woodwind fest.

In a peculiar interpretation of East meets West, Crushing Thatch enjoin absorption in the beauties of refined control of breath and pitch with attention to a multiplicity of atonalities derived from prepared guitar. Simmons’ longtime study of the Traditional Japanese repertoire for the Shakuhachi alongside an even more lengthy involvement with a broad range of other woodwind instruments, primarily through the Jazz milieu, mesh with Browns’ two decade long development of a plethora of extended techniques and refinement of a collection of everyday utensils for manipulation of the semi-acoustic guitar. These instrumental combinations open into a world of enlarged tiny sounds and textures intertwined with the sonic passage of air, woody timbres and melody that draw and tug at each other coaxing unforeseen aural elements from one another. Together Simmons and Brown instantaneously compose a new, odd, free Folk music.