Tuesday January 21st @ the Make It Up Club

The third week of Make It Up Club's 16th birthday celebrations is another commemoration of how truly fortuitous we are to live in an age of liberated music when it has become self-evident that all sounds are created equal, judged not by the content of their melodies but by the colour of their tone, united under the banner of improvisation. French chaotic system creator Jean-Philipppe Gross pits two notoriously bitter enemies, microphone and speaker cone, against one another to bear forth ravenously cannibalistic frequencies which could only be matched by the sheer brutality that is Melbourne's favourite post-Adornian thing-hitter, Sean Baxter. Two of our fine city's finest string-exciters, guitarist Alex Garsden and violinist Erkki Veltheim, demonstrate that zero point energy networks are common occurrences in improvisation, as they eloquently pluck concepts and abstractions from the quantum vacuum and convey them via amplified vibrations. Ben Byrne and Rosalind Hall invite you into their rarefied soundworld of descriptive tones and explicative textures, a reverberative democracy where all that is audible is appreciable and the deeper one listens the more likely one is to find a sound wave to alter one's existence. And a three-way noise rumble of prodigious proportions with pandemoniacal punishers Simon Karis, Pete Bramley and Peter James executing sadistic sonic senton bombs and abominable audial atomic drops on the tinnitus-ridden carcass of formalised music. 

Jean-Philippe Gross [FR] (Electronics) & Sean Baxter (Percussion)
Alex Garsden (Guitar) Erkki Veltheim (Violin)
Ben Byrne (Electronics) & Rosalind Hall (Saxophone)
Simon Karis (Electronics) Pete Bramley (Electronics) & Peter James (Electronics)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start