PKE (Paul Kidney Erkestra) @ M U S I K U N S T --- 4pm Saturday 25th Jan 2014

Paul Kidney ERKESTRA ...

Let the freak show begin, Melbourne's premier underground - psychedelic - experimental - noise - rock - outfit meet up with a bunch of Melbourne sound merchants to melt the fun receptors in your fragile little minds!

This concert will consist of two pieces, one by the Paul Kidney Experience (Bonnie Mercer, Matt Gleeson, Lloyd Honeybrook, Peter James, Nell Day, Don Rogers, Dave 'The Hitter' Bullock, Ben Butcher and the majestic overlord of psychedelic mayhem himself Paul Kidney).

Then the second by 'Paul Kidney Erkestra' featuring the Paul Kidney Experience and fiends (Danny Walsh, Ian Parsons, Nic Tammens, Kerrie Farnsworth, Piers Morgan, Shane Van Den Akker, Mat Blackwell, Nik Kennedy and Trent Brown).

Plus an ├╝berdelic light show!

ERK - expressing panic or dismay. "Erk! What's that?"

4pm Sat 25th Jan - GB Hotel Basement 447 Church St Richmond