New Album from Virtual Proximity

Dream Analysis
By Virtual Proximity

Virtual Proximity’s third album Dream Analysis has been carefully crafted from six hours of raw improvisation, drawing influence from ambient, techno, hiphop and jazz.

Synths and woodwinds are blended with lo-fi drums and earthy field samples, as the music travels through atmospheres ranging from light and airy to dark and strange.


James Annesley: saxophone, flute, clarinet, hand percussion, EWI, field samples, guitar pedals, drum programming.
Tristan Courtney: acoustic and electric double bass, guitar pedals, drum programming.
Produced by James Annesley
Co-Produced by Tristan Courtney


Track Listing:

1. Warm Freeze  3:58
2. Everything's Colour 4:08
3. Ominous Illusion  5:09 
4. Dream Analysis  5:49
5. Can of Worms  5:49 
6. Darkness isn't Real  2:40 
7. Space Fish / Space Wish  5:19 
8. Spatial Awareness  3:32 
9. Enigmattress  6:35  
10. Warm Freeze (Gluid Remix)  4:42  

Released 1st Feb 2014 - Purchase from

Also available from iTunes and most other digital music stores

(forwarded from James Annesley)