Make It Up Club 16th Birthday Festival, January 2014

Since 1998, the MIUC has been presenting a weekly concert series of avant garde improvised music and sound performance in Melbourne, and 2014 marks our 16th anniversary! Join us at Bar Open on Tuesday nights in January to celebrate the sublime, brutal, rarefied and cathartic beauty of the contemporary, improvised sonoverse.

Featuring four weeks of adventurous and uncompromising collaborations, which boldly traverse idioms and instrumentations, transcend regional and aesthetic borders, and embody the very possibilities of spontaneous music creation.

January 7th
  • Crys Cole [CAN] (Electronics), James Rushford (Miscellany) & Callum G'Froerer (Trumpet)
  • Nat Grant (Percussion, Electronics), Maya Victoria Kjellstrand (Cassette Players) & Emma Albury (Voice, Synth, Flute)
  • Marco Fusinato (Guitar, Electronics) & Nic Tammens (Guitar, Electronics)
  • Peter Knight (Trumpet, Electronics) & Lloyd Honeybrook (Saxophone, Electronics)

January 14th
  • Sally McIntyre [NZ] (FM transmitter & receivers, turntable, field recordings, bat detector & shortwave valve radio) & Joel Stern (Bits and Pieces of Nothing)
  • Casey Moir [SE] (Voice), Johan Moir [SE] (Trumpet), Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Voice) & Nigel Brown (Accordion)
  • Andrew Cowie (Guitar) & Evelyn Morris (Piano, Percussion)
  • James McLean (Percussion), Alastair McLean (Guitar), Georgie Darvidis (Voice) & Jenny Barnes (Voice)

January 21st
  • Jean-Philippe Gross [FR] (Electronics) & Sean Baxter (Percussion)  
  • Alex Garsden (Guitar) Erkki Veltheim (Violin)
  • Ben Byrne (Electronics) & Rosalind Hall (Saxophone)
  • Simon Karis (Electronics) Pete Bramley (Electronics) & Peter James (Electronics)

January 28th

  • Yoann Durant [FR] (Soprano & Alto Saxophones, Tubes) & Robbie Avenaim (Percussion)
    Ben Vida [US] (Modular Synth) & Mat Watson (Synthi AKS)
  • Viv Corringham [UK] (Voice) & Alison Blunt [UK] (Violin)     
  • Kris Wanders (Saxes), Slawek Janicki (Double Bass), Brett Evans (Saxes), Damien Ellis (Drums), Jude Russel (Korg)
The Make It Up Club 
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance 
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065 
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start