'I Yennisi sou, Khriste' - Monkey - 18 Dec 2013

Dr David Brown and Nick Tsiavos are back! And they have brought Deborah Kayser and Peter Neville with them - and it is the week before Christmas!

What happens to these 'way out' exploratory dudes as Christmas comes upon them? Well this - the passionate, sublime beauty of Ancient Chant colliding with the energy and instability of contemporary culture.The Ancient becomes Modern, as the languages and anarchic energies of Modernism mix freely with the rapturous beauty and potent danger of Sacred Text. Merry Christmas!


Monkey Bar, 181 St George's Road

North Fitztroy. 8PM. 


Nick Tsiavos: Contrabass

Peter Neville: Percussion

Deborah Kayser: Voice

David Brown: Guitar
(forwarded from Dave Brown)