We Are Denizens of Pluto - City Library - 21 Nov 2013

We Are Denizens of Pluto, play live and free in The Gallery @ City Library, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne City, on Thursday 21st November, 2013, 6pm - 7pm, as part of Melbourne Library Service's Sounds Poetica series.
Transforming on the night will be: Ashley J Higgs(singerpoet), Richard Stringer (electric guitar), Nat Grant (lap top), Abe Dunovits (double bass), and, Forbes Hawkins (pianist).
We recorded and mastered our first self titled album in 2011, and are working towards releasing video footage from this April's performance at the Bluestone Church in Footscray.
Our musical sense is free improvisation, complimented with original poetry sung with professional collaborating musicians. We each have a wide range of artistic and musical performance experience, nationally and internationally. WADOP prefer unusual spaces to play and record in.

(forwarded from Ashley Higgs)