OpenLAB 1st December, AkE Lab RMIT!


This months OpenLAB is a very special exclusive with Darrin Verhagen on Sunday 1st December.

Due to space constraints we can only allow for 20 participants to be a part of this months OpenLAB.
To register your interest please fill out this form.

There will be 2 sessions one at 1:30pm and the other at 2:30pm on SUNDAY 1st December 2013.
The first 20 people that sign up will be registered as an attendee for this months OpenLAB. All registrations will be confirmed via e-mail.

Darrin Verhagen will provide a special sneak peak showcase of the AkE (Audio Kinetic Experiments) Lab, RMIT. AkE (pronounced "ache") is a multidisciplinary research laboratory featuring a 4DOF mechanical chair used to explore the relationship and compositional potentialities of sound, vision and movement. You may get a chance to to sit in the chair and experience a special selection of S/M/V compositions.

Check out this youtube of one of Darrin's personal experiments exploring light, movement and noise

So get in quick!!

Prior to the event we will be asking for RSVPs to ensure attendance (we don't want any empty slots stopping someone from attending).
If all sessions are full feel free to fill out the form and if anyone drops out we will let you know ASAP!!
Also due to the nature of the Lab participants must be over 12 years of age.