Tim Coster, Heart Flew, Whirse, Tom Hall at Monday Night Mass, 21/10/13

'Monday Night Mass'


Northcote Social Club (301 High St, Northcote)
8pm 21st October 2013


This will be the launch of four cassettes at once on the new cassette label Habitat Tapes. Tapes will be available on the night.


TIM COSTER - Waterfront Cities
From Auckland, now currently living in Melbourne, Tim performs textural synth and keyboard music.


HEART FLEW - Works Fine, Free
Heart Flew aka Adam Rogers is a Los Angeles born musician, currently based in Melbourne, Australia. 'Works Fine, Free' couples flares of fuzzed out acoustics with delicately melodious and lyrical tracks, to create this follow-up to his two previously self-released albums 'Seven Songs' & 'Solitude'.


WHIRSE - Songs For a Bell Curve
Currently living in country Victoria, Nick makes sounds using computer, guitar, and violin for film, theatre and installation. 'Songs For a Bell Curve' beautifully contrasts swells of sonorous noise with veils of diaphanous sound. This album does not try to hide the methods of its making and in doing so creates a warm and humble acoustic space to inhabit.


TOM HALL - Thought Loops
'Thought Loops' marks Tom’s first release since 'Sifting Through', a home recording of 5-string banjo improvisations released on Alberts Basement in 2012. Here Tom uses four short looped fragments of sound, sourced from tape recordings of bowed banjo and kemenche. and re-examines these traditional folk instruments adding subtle dynamic shifts to these hypnotic drones.



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