Noise Picnic #2 - Northcote - 19 Oct 2013

Name says it all, and yes there was another noise picnic a few years ago - I'm not the genius who thought of this, but I'd like to make it a regular-ish thang.

This is a DEER HEAD APPARITION event. Who? We're a no-core member collective, that meet (irregularly) to jam out spontaneous, psychedelic, noisy, or whatever, experimental music. Anyone is welcome to participate.'Talent' and 'musical ability' not necessary or encouraged, just a sensitivity to the nuances of the jam.

We'll be supplying way too much battery power, a PA speaker or two, plus power boards and a 12 channel mixer. So bring stuff that plugs into RCA or quarter inch and standard AC power. There's no need to bring your own amps but hell, you can if you want to. Some of you may want to bring extra mixers I don't know, depends how many peeps end up coming along.

Oh and this is a picnic!! BYO food and booze. Kids welcome, no dickheadz thanks. [We may have a bbq and gas not yet confirmed.]

Where? Go to the end of Beavers Rd (west) in Northcote. Walk a little further to you get to the gate, and let your senses guide you! We'll be near Merri creek.
(forwarded from oskr audio)