Electric Cultures V - Old Bar - 10 Oct 2013

Fallopian Tunes presents Electric Cultures V (http://electriccultures.tumblr.com/)~~ a night presenting contemporary experimental music. Much like its predecessor, Electric Cultures V continues to showcase artists on the periphery. Electric Cultures V will involve performances by Simon J Karis, Jorge Ramirez (Mexico), Exotic Snake, Jonathan Nokes and FAD. It’s on the 10th of October at The Old Bar. Five dollars entry.

Simon J Karis: Melbourne based sound artist (Cocks Arquette/Polyester Records)

Jorge Ramirez: Mexico, 181) Arquitecto, compositor y artista sonoro. Transfiere procesos marginales entre música y arquitectura en la inminencia de lo intratable.

Exotic Snake: The synths and sonic spacial textures of Errol Green (Yolke/Call Me Professor)

Jonathan Nokes: Sound artist, composer, performing as Hamburger Lady, member of @Wrong Room, half of Nokes & Cook, and label guy (Tender Collection).

FAD: Bad Bones and Kinlay. Dirgy electronics and live beats.

(forwarded from Fallopian Tunes)