Adam Simmons vs Brian O'Dwyer residency - Empress - Nov/Dec 2013

'Like a hippopotamus giving birth to an elephant on a cargo train during the Holocaust...'

Adam Simmons Vs Brian O'Dwyer is a monstrous free jazz collaboration fluffing and flaunting about since 2008.

Darting between subtle nuance and abrasive exploration the duo create and react in cohesive conversation not for the faint of heart.
Releasing two studio albums, one live recording, and having performed a plethora of live shows Simmons and O'Dwyer return to The Empress for four weeks of intensive improvised madness.

Each week will present a different family of instruments; Saxophones, Clarinets, Flutes and lastly TOYS!

(Please note all dates are Sunday afternoons)

November 17th: Saxophones
w/ Kerrie Farnsworth
November 24th: Clarinets
w/ Dave Brown
December 1st: Flutes
w/ Gelareh Pour & Mick Trembath
December 15th: Toys
w/ Daniel Tedford

TIME: 3:00PM

COST: $10 Full // $5 Concession
Kids under 18 accompanied by parents/guardians free

All gigs will be child friendly with an extra recommendation for the toys event.

Listen to Adam Simmons Vs Brian O'Dwyer here:
Into The Fire:

(forwarded from Brian O'Dwyer)