'Sound of Light' @ MUSIKUNST - 4pm Saturday 27th July

This month MUSIKUNST returns to further explore the A/V spectrum: 3 performances designed to marry sound & light to enhance their vision for the GB Basement universe by; David Thompson, By Elly, Shane Van Den Akker, Richie Cyngler, Vijay Thillaimuthu and Matt Refund

Lost Few/By Elly
In a debut joint show - Melodic vocalist and electronic musician By Elly will join with audio visual artist Lost Few - using feedback loops, overdriven bass, found sounds, live vocals and hyper sensory visuals to create a one off performance.

Donkey Muthers of Arse
Coming from the truly primal beginnings of expression and the creative urge, Donkey Muthers of Arse have been around since the creation of the earth (or as some may say, just last year).
Utilising the organic, abrasive, cathartic, aggressive and operatic styling's of Shane Van Den Akker vocals, DMOA is a battle between the organic and in-organic, attempting a synthesis of both sound and visuals. With the release of the new album DMOA hopes to explore new and exciting avenues of production, new technologies and bodily catharsis.

Sick Beard Swarm Force!
Richie Cyngler, Vijay Thillaimuthu and Matt Refund will combine A/V forces to create an experimental and interactive audio-visual piece using tools such as computers, pencils, soldering irons and various pieces of electronic mayhem to explore the space before them.

As always, doors 4 pm, performance 4:30 pm, $5/$10 entry - GB Hotel Basement 447 Church St Richmond