Moiré - Conduit - 13 Jul 2013

Moiré - new and re-invented instruments.
Three very different approaches to extending the physical instrument.
Metal, strings, breath...

The Overtone Ensemble - Vibrissae (singing metal rod instruments), tuned bells and bowed objects.
The Overtone Ensemble (Tim Catlin, Atticus Bastow, Dave Brown, and Ceallaigh Norman) perform using "vibrissae" instruments built by Tim Catlin. 

Barnaby Oliver - Just-intoned zithe
Barnaby Oliver is a musician and multimedia artist most notable for his work in the experimental improvisational band Infinite Decimals. He has developed a unique practice drawing on a diverse range of sources, from 60′s experimentalists Alvin Lucier and LaMonte Young through to dub pioneers King Tubby and Lee Perry. A common theme is the use of sound as conveyor of hidden worlds, exploring physiological and environmental processes through the creation of sensitised fields.

Rosalind Hall - Modified saxophone with homemade reeds and preparations.
The sound worlds Rosalind Hall creates in performance are bodily and organically evolving, using the saxophone with preparations to abstract and alter the sounds and playing techniques.  She makes reeds from plastics and metals and places objects in the bell that become vibrating objects and extensions to the instrument. She uses breath, saliva and gestures with small and highly sensitive microphones to capture the sonic microcosm of her body and the internal world of the saxophone.

Saturday July 13

Conduit Arts Space
83 Brunswick St., Fitzroy, 3065
(forwarded from Tim Catlin)