Electric Cultures III - Old Bar - 1 Aug 2013

Fallopian Tunes presents Electric Cultures III

Fallopian Tunes presents Electric Cultures III ~~ a night presenting contemporary experimental music. Much like its predecessor, Electric Cultures II continues to showcase artists on the periphery. Electric Cultures III will involve performances by Gurner, Club Sound Witches (qld), Big Yawn, Cocks Arquette and Match Fixer. It’s on the 1st of August at The Old Bar. Five dollars entry.

Emma Albury (Eko Eko Azarak/Yolk Yolk/ex-Leopard Leg), Sharryn Koppens (Dick Threats) and Fjorn Butler (Oranj Punjabi/N3 Warriors) are Gurner.

Club Sound Witches (qld)-
Nicola Morton (Bad Intentions) and Matt Earle (XnobbqX, Love Chants)

Cocks Arquette - http://cocksarquette.bandcamp.com/
regret, psychosis, neurosis, incompetence, distraction.

Big Yawn - http://fallopiantunes.bandcamp.com/releases
A melbourne based project comprised of members Tim Slattery and Kinlay Denning.

Match Fixer
Andrew Cowie (Angel Eyes).

(forwarded from Tim Slattery)