MUSIKUNST presents: "A Stitch in Time" & “Subs” --- 4pm Sat 29th June 2013

"A Stitch in Time" is timepiece bonanza - a bonsai industrial landscape. Clock movements set up a repetitive rhythmic syndrome that is hypnotic & paranoid. This sound piece explores pitch perception of different microphone characteristics located in close proximity to the timepieces & the shifting phase relationships between two or more timepieces sharing the same ‘sound stage’.

It is performed by Sound Artist/Record Producer – Shane Fahey, Horologist/Radio Broadcaster – Evan Carr & Musician/Record Producer – David Carr + Visual Imagery – Honi Ryan.

 “Subs” is a collaborative project between Tim Farrell and Todd Anderson-Kunert. The project is focused on the generation of low frequency audio, specifically below 100Hz, within an immersive improvised performance environment. Two sub-woofers will be positioned at opposite ends of the basement of the Great Britain Hotel, and audience members will be encouraged to stand in the space between.

Todd Anderson-Kunert will be performing using a sampler and a vocal controlled synthesizer, while Tim Farrell will be using hacked machines and broken oscillators

Additionally, there will be a collaborative improvisation performed by Todd Anderson-Kunert, Tim Farrell, Shane Fahey & Peter James

As always, doors 4pm, $5/$10 entry - GB Hotel Basement 447 Church St Richmond