Dave Brown news - New LP and book

I'd like to let you know about a couple of recent releases of mine. The first of these is the new LP 'Sieve' by the duo 'Helium Clench', published by the Polish Label 'Bocian'.

And the second is the book I've coauthored "Designing Sound for Health and Wellbeing" published by Australian Scholarly Publishing, which provides an overview of my recent PhD research project. The official release of the book takes place at RMIT University next Wednesday night. Details of the launch are listed on the invite below.

I have limited copies of both releases so if you'd like to contact me via email we can organise a way to get copies to you.

Or, alternatively Sieve can be purchased via the links on the Bocian website, or via Metamkine in France. Locally, in Melbourne, Northside Records and Ritual Music have some copies (also available from Shame File Music - CG).

"Designing Sound for Health and Wellbeing" can be purchased directly from Scholarly and there will also be copies available at the launch.

New LP 'Sieve' by Helium Clench.

Shadows gather under cardboard where animal dreams and cello bows struggle to hold off electricity. Sounds of bells are rushed, entangled with rain, through measly slots between tightly crosshatched wires. This fabricates perforated fragments of seeing. These fragments adhere in the air to form a soft abrasive paper, fancied by the remote ones.
As a duo Tim Catlin and David Brown come together as ‘Helium Clench’ and boast long histories in the Melbourne and international avant-garde music world. Both have independently developed a fascination with microtonal sound through Catlin’s construction of harmonic overtone guitars and alternatively tuned metal rod instruments, and in Brown’s case through his explorations using the quartertone bass guitar. ‘Sieve’, their first duo recording is a studio-based project that amalgamates electroacoustic strategies, bowed objects and processed acoustic and electric instruments. Initial recordings focused on improvisational processes along with bowing of acoustic instruments and found objects, whilst other recordings utilized electronically processed electric guitar beds. All of these recordings were then subject to rigorous studio production techniques to shape the final compositions.

New book "Designing Sound for Health and Wellbeing" 

Designing Sound for Health and Wellbeing investigates ways in which sound and music compositions can ease the stress and anxiety of patients located in a hospital Emergency Department. The aim of this collaborative research project, comprising a team of composers, art producers and historians, writers, emergency medicine practitioners and health psychology researchers, was to test the function of environmental and electroacoustic music compositions especially produced for patients in the Emergency Department of St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne. The research and findings of this project provide new knowledge of the impact and use of sound and music in Emergency Medicine and the physical effect of sound and musical compositions on human health in general.


The DSHW book provides an overview of my recent doctoral research project and is saturated with photographs by myself and John Billan that capture the Emergency Department in a forensic-style. My co-authors are: Elizabeth Grierson, George Jelinek, Keely Macarow, Philip Samartzis, Tracey Weiland and Craig Winter.


Come along, hear the compositions and discover more about how arts and health are working together.



Wednesday 22 May, 2013



6pm - 7.30pm



RMIT Design Hub, corner of Swanston and Victoria Streets Level 1,

Multipurpose Room Foyer



Australian Research Council

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

RMIT School of Art

RMIT Design Research Institute

(forwarded from Dave Brown)