Iceage Productions latest releases

ICE022: Monolith - KIPL110312

Recorded live at KIPL as part of Sabbatical's "The Labour Day Weekend" and broadcast live on Radio Valerie.

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ICE023: Pentadrvg/Kromeshna - Self-titled

Russian melancholic ambient drone utilising field recordings made in the swamps and forests of Ural.

Limited edition of 50 copies. Double album CD.

$15 + postage.

ICE026: Various Artists - Iceage Productions Sampler 1

A collection of latest releases featuring tracks by: Shane Fahey, Monolith, The Dadacomputer, A Cloakroom Assembly, White Tiger A:. A:., Zac Keiller, Undecisive God, Wolf 359, Paul Kidney Experience and Solvent Cage.

$5 + postage or album as download $2: