Tuesday, 23 April 2013

C O P O I E S I S - Bluestone Church - 16 May & 20 Jun 2013

C O P O I E S I S(after Ettinger)


“Co-poietic differentiation-in-coemergence is possible only with-in compassionate hospitality and with fascinance. Artworking, like psychoanalytical healing of long duration, is a compassionate encounter-event of prolonged generosity. The artist who is working through the cross-inscribed traces and is worked through by virtual, phantasmatic or traumatic real strings practices her art art that is an aesthetic-in-action – as a healing, healing that is an ethics-in-action. Such is the co-response-ability of artworking and of healing in copoiesis.” © 2005 Bracha L. Ettinger

Thursdays 16th May and 20th June, 2013

Doors open 6.30pm and close at 7pm. Reopening at 9pm for second set.

We Are Denizens of Pluto + Ashley J Higgs Committee


Entry is $10, plus free CD, free parking in Council carpark

Bluestone Church, 10a Hyde Street, Footscray
(forwarded from Ashley Higgs)

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Ashley Higgs said...

Apologies, the 20th June gig has been cancelled. Ashley Higgs