Avant Noise Duet 'GNAUMGN' - new Bandcamp, new Album

Melbourne avant post-punk necro-noise free-improv duet 'GNAUMGN' have finally hitched themselves to the Bandcamp wagon, using their new Bandcamp presence to release their first new album proper since 2012's 'METANOIAC' release.

The new album, "CNIDARIAN", combines their typical free-metal-noise-punk ethos with a series of field recordings / minimal acoustic improvisations the duet performed at the beaches and rockpools of Eagles Nest in south Gippsland, sometimes layered with studio pieces, sometimes left to speak on their own.  And, like many releases sponsored by the IWML, the album is as free as you want it to be (Bandcamp's "pay what you want" policy includes zero dollars).

Also of GNAUMGN-related interest is the free release of their Remote Hearing experiment of 2012, finally available now on archive.org, or click here:Remote Hearing (Time and Space)

GNAUMGN play their first gig since 2011 on May 28th at Bar Open.  All are welcome.