School Girl Report Album Launch - Bella Union - 23 Mar 2013

In what will be something of a Camp A Low Hum reunion, School Girl Report launch their debut album on Rites Wild’s Heavy Lows label at the Bella Union Trades Hall on Saturday March 23rd, w/ support from the south’s finest: Circular Keys, Naked (TAS), Encounter Group, Legendary Hearts, Duck Duck Chop, Straylight and Nth Wheel DJs

SCHOOL GIRL REPORT are famous for updating their status in the middle of songs, showing an exhibition of the guitarist’s photos of the drummer sleeping, being the shape of hesitation rock to come, selling personalised cigarette lighter/fad lolly merch, a live hat-dancing video in China, being piled up on during their set at Camp A Low Hum and now for their post-physical album cover inscribed 'Success Is Dating School Girl Report.' The album inside is a collection of pieces recorded over the last 15 years by pre-school friends Samuel Miers and Daniel Oakman, with songs derived from love letters, arguments with brothers, stories written in Year 1, Batemans Bay and their subtly ruthless relationship with each other.

Dennis Santiago's first show since producing the School Girl Report album and leaving the Absolute Boys. He teams up with Melbourne's white Beyonce Philippa B Onsay in deep magick groove.

For many the best band at Camp A Low Hum this year. The most Tasmanian band workin it today fly their honest chaotic business to Melbourne for this special night as a two piece.

Kieran Carpenter (Superstar) and Andrew Cowie (Angel Eyes) launched their separate band's seminal albums last weekend at the same venue. This weekend they are back in Carlton as a couple, marrying the sounds of Superstar and Angel Eyes.

Blink never looked more excited in Wainuomata than when moshing to these guys on The Lawn. In the seven years of this band, they have grown from a punk act to TNGHT rock.

Formed from the crumbs of The Satanic Rockers.
Don't miss any chance to see Lynton Denovan sing!

Come float with Christmas Street's Jesus and School Girl Report's fulltime poster man, as he drifts his synths around the high ceilings of the Bella Union.


(forwarded from Samuel Miers)