openLAB April!

7pm THURSDAY 4th of APRIL---->>>Open LAB will explore the wonderful
world of creative electronics and programming. It is a space where
artists, musicians, engineers, performers, and designers can come
together and share their work and creative passions.

Each Open LAB will begin with talks from fellow guests that seek to
share their work with the group, and then end in an all out free-form
open discussion or hands on tinkering space where guests can present a
finished, or unfinished, work, seek collaborations, seek peer review,
or make a call out to the community to help troubleshoot a problem
they are having.

So bring whatever current project you may be working on, or simply
show up and share/teach/learn a new world of electronic art!

MORGAN MCWATERS is a Melbourne-based sound engineer, electronic
musician and maker with a background in interaction design and spatial
sound. Morgan will be showing and discussing an arduino-based
voltage-controlled video device conceived and created to provide
visuals for WORNG, an improvised electronic musical project.

JEM SAVAGE will be presenting a MIDI controller that is utilising the
Arduino to extend the role of live instrument performances.
Jem is a Melbourne-based musician, producer and sound engineer. With a
keen interest in electronics and sound processing in live performance,
his live performances effortlessly blend live processing, looping,
effect manipulation, live and/or interactive visuals and more with his
highly developed instrumental and vocal techniques using an assortment
of commercially available equipment as well as
proprietary software and hardware prototypes. Over the last 10 years
he has recorded and mixed many albums including "Shreveport Stomp"
(Browne/Hannaford/Anning), which
received an ARIA nomination.

Free Event
Date and time: THURSDAY 4th of APRIL, 7pm.
Venue: Media Lab Melbourne 136a Cromwell Street Collingwood- [see

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