Light & Dark @ MUSIKUNST - 4:00 pm Saturday 30th March 2013

This month MUSIKUNST is exploring different aspects of the A/V spectrum with 2 very different approaches to sound.

using a range of Just Intonation tuned instruments constructed by Tim Catlin, produce a haunting, ethereal sound. The instruments consist of an array of aluminium rods that are played acoustically by longitudinally stroking with rosined hands or gloves. The long sustaining nature of the rod's sound and the close interval tunings of the instruments allow players a sonic palette of intricate textures and a rich harmonic complexity. Other instruments such as handbells, cymbals, singing bowls, wineglasses, acoustic guitars, glockenspiels and sound sculptures are also bowed, percussed and activated to compliment the sounds of these instruments. Ensemble performers are: Tim Catlin, Dave Brown, Atticus Bastow and Ceallaigh Norman

creates doom/noise/drone-scapes through the use of live sample manipulation. The live audio signal is then used to distort, pixelate and animate a digitally projected still image into monochromatic oblivion.

As always, doors 4pm, sounds 4:30pm, $5/$10 entry
GB Hotel Basement 447 Church St Richmond



Seeking people who are interested in presenting a show of their own creation on the last Saturday of the month at MUSIKUNST in the basement of the Great Britain Hotel.

Applicants are free to create their own format and are strongly encouraged to explore and make full use of this unique space in whatever way they feel would best sonically and visually enhance their performance.

For further details please contact Piers on 0415 958 182