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New on Shame File Mailorder:

Clinton Green & Andrew McIntosh "Kasoundi" CD Collaborating originally on The Unnameable project (2002-5), Kasoundi sees the two artists combine their more contemporary interests in minimal, often-acoustic, noise improvisation. Exploring the natural and manipulated sonic properties of a variety of objects and machines (record player, tape deck, rocks, bowls, percussion instruments, kitchen utensils, aluminium foil, broken records), the duo weaves a naturalistic yet compelling series of improvisations that alternate between slow-build tension and luxuriating in these unique sonic textures.

Clinton Green "Archive ten: 2007" 3CDR This edition of the Archive series includes Green's very first prepared turntable recordings, including the out-of-print "Duos for Guitar and Broken Records" EP, along with previously unreleased tracks. Also documented are latter-era guitar experiments, including all tracks from the collaborative album with Zac Keiller "Residential", a live performance and several more unreleased/compilation only tracks.

Jon Rose "Rosin" 3CD + data CD This box set documents most of Rose's major projects from the last decade, including multimedia events like "Pannikin", "Talking Back To Media", and "Sphere", as well as his continued questioning of the violin, seeing Rose bowing outback fences, creating bicycle powered violins and interactive bows. Rose is deservedly recognised as one of Australia's premier musical innovators, particularly as a violinist, but this box set (a slightly late celebration of his 60th birthday) showcases his perhaps less-discussed achievements in engaging experimental music with the whole gamut of Australian society; from isolated rural life to suburban talkback radio, to his use of sport and games as structure and application of historical recordings, Rose's music comments wordlessly upon Australia more than any other musician, and perhaps more than any other contemporary artist.

Rosin comes with a detailed booklet of liner notes and colour photos. The data disc contains video footage of a range of Rose's projects back to the 1970s. The box set is a limited edition of 1000 copies, each containing a bagged sample of used bow hair, hand-numbered and signed by Rose.

Hollis Taylor & Jon Rose "Post Impressions: a travel book for tragic intellectuals" (paperback book + DVD) - This book takes the form of a travel journal of several journies into the Australian outback to play wire fences that can be thousands of miles long. Hollis and Taylor take turns to record their impressions of not only the fences and their sonic qualities, but also the vast landscapes, the people and the wildlife they encounter. Comes with a DVD documenting many of the people and fences they encounter.


Tim Catlin & Machinefabriek "Patina" LP (white vinyl) - For the creation of ‘Patina’, Catlin and Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) adhered to the tried and tested method of working successfully employed on their previous collaboration. Catlin made initial recordings drawing upon a wide range of approaches, preparations and techniques for guitar and electric sitar that were then sent to Zuydervelt for the addition of extra sounds, overdubs and sequencing. With both artists’ sharing a passion for developing upon the minutiae of the guitar, ‘Patina’ is an immersive album of unfurling layers of sound, acute harmonic gestures and deeply embedded drones. Throughout the course of these two long-form tracks, one can sense that the working relationship between these two artists has hit its stride. With a broader sound palette, including the introduction of field recordings and rhythmic elements being utilised to great effect, 'Patina' is an album of both gentle nuance and compelling intensity.

Tim Catlin & Machinefabriek "Glisten" CD Whilst researching information on prepared guitar, Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) discovered the work of Tim Catlin, most notably his album ‘Radio Ghosts’ (released on 23five in 2007). Intrigued by Catlin’s approach towards mechanically prepared guitar and the engaging sound world created by this unassuming expertise, a partnership was soon set in motion. For the release, Catlin made initial recordings drawing upon a wide range of approaches including guitar preparations, customized and abused effects through to more 'conventional' picking. These tracks were then sent to Zuydervelt for the addition of extra sounds and overdubs through to final editing and sequencing. With both artists’ sharing a passion for developing upon the minutiae of the guitar, ‘Glisten’ is an immersive album of slowly unfurling sound layers, deeply embedded drones and acute harmonic gestures. Throughout the running time, a palpable sense of playfulness is present, allowing the prepared guitar process to determine the course of action. Through minor touches and sleights of hand, fleeting vibrations are produced which are capable of both overwhelming intensity and pure sonic transcendence.

Tim Catlin "Radio Songs" CD This album showcases Catlin’s unassuming expertise with the finer aspects of the mechanically prepared guitar. For all of its dynamic frequencies and crosshatched vibrations, Radio Ghosts is devoid of Marshall stacks, Sunn amps, and stomp boxes, as Catlin captures the acoustic phenomenon of the guitar’s transient vibrations and steers clear of any tricked out sonic demolition. Instead, Radio Ghosts focuses upon the minutiae of the guitar: wood, strings, and amplifier. Through his refined, tabletop guitar techniques, Catlin prefers to set his guitar in motion, allowing the process dictate the course of action with minor edits and sleights of hand from the composer himself. Catlin’s drone guitar work is simultaneously capable of expressionistic illusions (e.g. cicada choruses, industrial grind, uncanny ephemera from the radio waves, etc.) and a sonic transcendence of pure sonic introspection.
Helium Clench "Sieve" LP Dave Brown and Tim Catlin, Australia's premier prepared guitar/string players, present an compelling album that leaves the listener with impressions of organic sound and in-the-moment free improvisation. The pair use a range of acoustic and electronic instruments, prepared or otherwise, including bandoura, bass, guitar, organ, mandolin and other objects. Pristine recording rounds out this quality package.

***And on Saturday 2 March from 2pm, Shame File will be hosting a House Show in Melbourne.  Quiet Noise II follows on from last year's show of acoustic noise/experimental music. The line-up this year is:

- Tim Catlin
- Clinton Green & Andrew McIntosh
- Gearoid Brinn & Barnaby Oliver

Event details here or contact Shame File address info.  All welcome.