Sabbatical presents a showcase of low culture in the bowels of one of Victoria’s cultural icons, the Art Centre Melbourne, as part of the White Night Festival.

Between the basement of the Playhouse and the basement of the State Theatre is a corridor. It’s not long or particularly wide, with a low roof and carpeted walls. It fits 40 people. It is the lowest point in the Arts Centre, five floors underground. The lowest point in a temple of high culture. The space will be the stage for 12 performances betweenmidnight at 7.00am.

Attendance is free. The performances will be broadcast on the Sabbatical site live.

JA Pinney
Jonathon Nokes
Soft Power

Smash Tennis
Dry Mouth
Bukkake Brothers
Dead Boomers

Eko Eko Azarak
Ryan Cockburn
Keith Deverell
Default Jamerson