Kris Wanders/Mani Neumeier Quartet - Old Bar - 21 Feb 2013

Exciting news this week with the announcement of a final Melbourne show featuring Mani Neumeier.

Returning from engagements in Sydney, Brisbane and surrounds, Mani hooks up with his late 60s Globe Unity Orchestra collaborator Kris Wanders to perform in quintet mode. This is happening on Thursday 21st February at The Old Bar, presented by Neumusak for the special mid-week entry of a mere $8! 

In late 1966 Kris Wanders and Mani Neumeier met, performed and recorded together in the seminal Globe Unity Orchestra. After one Globe Unity album together in 1967, Neumeier formed the psych-out trio GURU GURU in 1968. Wanders, widely credited as one of the originators of European Free Jazz in the early 60s, stayed the course of this, alongside the likes of Peter Brötzmann, bringing it to Australia in the late 70s.

Now 45 years since their initial meeting, Mani Neumeir returns to Melbourne for one last jaunt before heading to Japan so that these two innovators of Free/Outside Psych/Jazz may perform together again.

For this occasion the quintet is completed with Brett Evans (tenor sax), Yusuke Akai (guitar) and Ali Watts (double bass).

Check out this event online here

Kris Wanders-Mani Neumeir Quintet 
w/Dead River + Faspeedelay + Daggers Mid-Flight
Thurs 21st Feb @ The Old Bar, $8
(forwarded from Neumusak)