Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Deep Sonics @ MUSIKUNST - 4pm Sat 23rd February 2013

This month's MUSIKUNST is another attempt to tame the dungeon walls with deep sonic explorations. Two sets from the McTavish / Campbell / Van den Akker camp, plus support from the farewell-itis collective "Hudduh-Berry"

has been reinventing digital and modular synthesis for over a decade in nz and aus. he comes equipped with his trusty virus keyboard and a laptop to explore the depths of the GB basement

has a vocal style that ranges from opera to a dis-tuned radio. Shane has sung his way around Melbourne for 8 years. He hopes to broaden these talents into all musical mess. Shane will explore the natural reverb capabilities of the stone walls of the newly renovated dungeon

has spent many a night touring internationally as a guitarist. as a resident of Melbourne he's been bend audio recreating his own style with the assistance of computers... the trio will explore the ambisonic possibilities of the cavernous enclosure of the GB

in their own words: "an underground experiment before she returns to the land of O`Bama" featuring
Merie O`Dwyer (USA) - twisted spycho-70's Casio + FX
Franc O`Neeley - guitars, pedals, cables
Paddy O`Moostache - guitars, pedals, cables

Doors 4pm, Sounds 4:30pm, Entry $10 & $5 conc.
GB Hotel Basement 447 Church St Richmond



Seeking people who are interested in presenting a show of their own creation on the last Saturday of the month at MUSIKUNST in the basement of the Great Britain Hotel.

Applicants are free to create their own format and are strongly encouraged to explore and make full use of this unique space in whatever way they feel would best sonically and visually enhance their performance.

For further details please contact Piers on 0415 958 182

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