Tuesday January 29th @ the Make It Up Club (15th Birthday Festival Week 3)

The final night of improvised party music for the Make It Up Club's 15th birthday is your last chance to come and see five floorshaker groups whilst simultaneously extending and expanding your neural pathways with the sonic shamanism that is free improv! First up is a deep cranial massage courtesy of the analog and digital electronics wizardry of Stephen Richards, Cooper Bowman and Mitchell Brennan. Once re-initiation into the aleatoric sphere of the MIUC is complete, Joel Stern and Dean Roberts will be transposing non-existent supernatural songs of voodoo enchantment through electronics and guitar for your listening pleasure. Next, a supergroup of sorts, colliding together Berliner Steve Heather's mixed-media drumming, New Zealander Jeff Henderson's confoundingly brilliant reeds, Rod Cooper's ├╝ber-punk DIY instrumental inventions and John Jacobs' everythingcore approach to sound production and reproduction for a collaboration as smashing as the Large Hadron. The musical brains trust that is the Charles Ives Singers head up a surreal think tank with such luminaries as Mani Neumeier and his prestidigitative percussion, the arm-flailingly tripped-out voice of Paul Kidney and bassist Don Rogers to try and find some sort of answer to the question: ''what is psychedelia 40+ years after the fact?''. And what better way to round out an entire month of partying than with the once-thought-extinct endemic species avantjazzicus punkbrutalum, better known as bucketrider, in transcontinental collaborative mode, with Tim O’Dwyer and James Wilkinson performing via skype from Singapore with the Melbourne-based buckets, in real-time! 

bucketrider feat. Tim O'Dwyer (Singapore), James Wilkinson (Singapore), Adam Simmons, Dave Brown and Sean Baxter
Charles Ives Singers with Mani Neumeier (Germany), Paul Kidney and Don Rogers
Steve Heather (Germany), Jeff Henderson (New Zealand), Rod Cooper and John Jacobs
Joel Stern (Brisbane) and Dean Roberts (New Zealand)
Steven Richards, Cooper Bowman and Mitchell Brennan

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
7.30pm Doors for an 8pm-sharp start.


Anonymous said…
False advertising!! This isn't a Bucketrider gig, this will be Sean, Dave and Adam making it up, no rehearsals no songs, not Bucketrider. Total cash in promo.
Clinton said…
I believe it is also Tim O'Dwyer and James Wilkinson Skyping from Singapore.
bxckxtrxdxr said…
That is correct Clinton. Live performance by all of us, with Tim and James joining over the internet. But, yes, as it is a MIUC show, it will be strictly improvised, but then buckets always did improv!