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Clinton Green & Andrew McIntosh “Kasoundi” CD - Collaborating originally on The Unnameable project (2002-5), “Kasoundi” sees the two artists combine their more contemporary interests in minimal, often-acoustic, noise improvisation. Exploring the natural and manipulated sonic properties of a variety of objects and machines (record player, tape deck, rocks, bowls, percussion instruments, kitchen utensils, aluminium foil, broken records), the duo weaves a naturalistic yet compelling series of improvisations that alternate between slow-build tension and luxuriating in these unique sonic textures. Sample track here (limited edition of 100 copies – CD (pro-produced from glass master) in digicase).

Other new additions to the Shame File Music mailorder catalogue:

Ernie Althoff "Tide Shelf" CD - A retrospective of a quarter of a century of Althoff's installaton work, including digital remasters of recordngs previously held on tape. Althoff's sublime installations, using a variety of natural and recycled materials/technologies, a mutlilayered yet gentle plays of texture and rhythm. Limitied numbered edition of 100.

 Ernie Althoff "Nine Perverse Pairs and Three Veranda Interludes" CD - Althoff created the Perverse Pairs tracks in 2012 by recording 18 close-miked improviations of 5 minutes, then pairing them into the 9 titular pairs. The result are 'unconscious' improvisations that exist outside of time, yet regularly produce musical epiphanies. The Pairs are interspersed with three Veranda Interludes, where the instruments are a the structure of a timber veranda, straw broom and bamboo rollers. Limited edition of 60 copies.

Peter Blamey "Forage" CD Astounding recordings created from eight salvaged computer motherboards and tangled copper wire forming feedback networks. Blamey moves the wire by hand to make and break a myriad of circuits, improvising with electricity itself.

James Rushford & Joe Talia "Palisades" CD This cavernous electroacoustic fabrication finds its heart in exploration of the unforeseen voices of their selected instrumentation and devices. These include prepared violas, autoharp, spring reverb tank, and various metal objects. The ensuing extended compositions incorporate elements of ethereal drone and instrumental concrète, with stasis as a recurring theme.

Various artists "Ladyz in Noyz: Australia Volume 1" CD - Australian women performing noise, drone and experimental music, including Bonnie Mercer, Eko Eko Azarak, Oranj Punjabi and more.

BACK IN STOCK Ross Manning "Harmonious Angles" LP Manning's first solo LP is a joyous yet understatedly-intricate sonic outing created in real time via live playback of various recorders (HD, tape and MD) overlaid with live sound events, including field recordings and an assortment of Manning's own (often customised/handmade) instruments. Evocative of a less-manic Volvox in its strangeness, the soundworlds created here are intriguing and immensely satisfying.

BACK IN STOCK Pimmon/Yclept Dinmakers cassette - The Pimmon side is a live recording from 2005, dispalying his trademark ever-moving layerings of electronics and samples, including electric guitar on this occasion. The Yclept Dinmakers side is a 1983 (their first release since several cassettes in the early 1980s) live-to-tape collage made from various loops generated from tape, cassette and turntables.

This weekend in Melbourne – CURRENT

A celebration of music made in the moment of performance and aimed at fostering community across the spectrum of age and experience. 21 musicians will perform twice in a trio format over 2 days from 3pm until late. Performers span the worlds of experimental music, jazz and impov, including Clinton Green, Ernie Althoff, Rod Cooper, Scott Tinkler, Adrian Sherriff, Lloyd Honebrook and many more. All happening on Saturday and Sunday at Conduit Arts, 83 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.!/events/194179014056366/

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