Electric Cultures II - The Old Bar - 24 Jan 2013

Fallopian Tunes presents Electric Cultures II ~~ a night presenting contemporary experimental electronic music. Much like its predecessor, Electric Cultures II continues to showcase artists on the periphery. The night involves artists who use a diversity sounds and genres as their medium of communication. Electric Cultures II will involve performances by Motion (Sic), Big Yawn, Tim Coster, Drooling Mystics and Bad Bones. It's on the 24th of January at The Old Bar. Eight dollars entry.

Motion (sic)
Motion (sic) is a duo making uncomfortable music for uncomfortable places.

Big Yawn
Big Yawn is a melbourne based project comprised of members Tim Slattery and Kinlay Denning. They perform with synths, samples and the drum-kit. Their music is a broadcast of transgressive industrial electronic sounds merged with ominous and assaulting beats.
Tumblr: http://electriccultures.tumblr.com/

Drooling Mystics
Drooling Mystics is the Gnostic Occult Ambient output of Melbourne based audio engineer Josh Bach.

Bad Bones
Getting high and looping shit.

Tim Coster.
Tim Coster, from Auckland, now currently living in Melbourne, performing textural synthesiser music. Recent releases include solo cassettes on the Albert's Basement & No Kings labels, and he is currently working on a series of full-length solo recordings; ongoing collaborative projects include Houseplants, Vogue Forums, Velvet Hour, and Currer Bells.

Facebook page: 

(forwarded from Tim Slattery)