The Dadacomputer was created as an experiment in long-distance collaboration, well Cardiff and Bristol, about 40 miles apart, separated by the Bristol Channel. The recordings were made in the Autumn of 1981. MAP and I had met about 6 months earlier in Bristol due to me putting an ad in a record shop looking to work with similar musicians quoting TG, Kraftwerk, Chrome etc as influences. We did a few recordings together but then I decided to move back to Cardiff where I had come from. I had spent 3 years in Bristol struggling to do a philosophy degree all the while getting into improvised and electronic music and collaborating with various Bristol musicians. So when I went back we wrote a lot to each other, both releasing solo music on our own cassette labels MAPtapes and Quick Stab Music Products. Then we got going on The Dadacomputer. I created the initial backings using a Korg MS20, various Akai reel to reel machines, which I did half speed and double speed manipulation with, I also used a Dr. Rhythm drum machine and various vinyl ie: Stingray (a children's marionette television show, created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson from 1964–65). Once these original backings (which to my knowledge no longer exist) were completed I posted them to MAP and he then added all the overdubs using a double cassette machine. Guitar, vocals, keyboards (Casiotone and Stylophone) and sawing wood on one track. Once this was done we both released the finished recording on our respective cassette labels. The Dadacomputer title came from me saying in a letter "What shall we call it, something crazy like dadacomputer maybe", and MAP saying "YES that will do great".
Rob Lawrence
Cardiff 2012


The Dadacomputer CD is available now through Iceage Productions.
Australia: $10 (AU) + $2 (AU) postage
Rest Of The World: $10 (AU) + $7 (AU) postage