Multiples II - Gasometer - 7 Dec 2012

MULTIPLES II: Audiovisual Modular Synthesizer Experimentation

Alex White (Euro Modular Synth) and Ben Byrne (Laptop with Max/MSP). Together, they produce music pulsating with opposites. Oscillations and disturbances envelop and saturate one another as a host of possibilities surface, pattern and disintegrate.

Abre Ojos:
Sound and vision for dystopian meditation - Featuring imagery and sounds from the new HÄXAN release

Nokes & Cook:
Formal non-hostile merger procedure of 2 separate modular systems into a binding legal entity allowing flexible time share arrangements of each structures assets.

Join us again upstairs at The Gasometer for a night of audiovisual experimentation utilising modular synthesizers.

Friday 7th of December.

Doors at 9pm / $5

(forwarded from Default Jamerson)